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Converging Blinds

Converging Blinds

This is what I planned to capture long time back but it took me long because of winters. It was either snowy or cloudy with mild sun and I was waiting for some strong sun rays to fall on the blinds for this attractive visual effect. Now we are hitting summer and I am happy to have seen this shine to complete my pending task :)

The picture is qlikd in the Program mode with Macro option to get the sharp converging effect and the close capture of the blinds thread. Though I prefer to qlik images in wide screen, this time I have used Large Screen (3264×2448 pixels) option to cover more area. Without any colors the picture looked pale so I thought of using Curves Cross Process (RGB) option at input 207 and output 178. Once you use the Curves for adjusting the tonal quality the Edit Fade Curves option will highlight. Under this option there are several modes designed to adjust tonal qualities and opacity of the picture. I have used Hard Light mode at 100% opacity. Finally I used color balance shadows in cyan at -100 and midtones in cyan and magenta at -100 each to get a beautiful blend of green and blue in the picture.

Qlikd on: 18th April 2009
Qlikd with: Canon S5IS
Photoshopped: Yes

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