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Lighting of 'Sin City'!

Lighting of ‘Sin City’!

When seen from the space some areas on the earth look brighter than others. This is how the ‘Sin City’ looks form approx 1000ft. and undoubtedly it is the brightest city visible from space. The city is the operating center for businesses involving billions and trillions of dollars of money and thus the businessmen do not hesitate to bestow their property with all the glitz possible. While enjoying the glitter we completely forget that this high consumption of energy results in high production of carbon dioxide. Is there any solution to this? Researchers are working hard to find it. And for us no matter the problems exist we still want to be part of the ‘Sin City’.

I loved this view of the city and captured it in my camera using the Personal mode. While editing the photograph I realized its beauty enhanced in the black and white mode emphasizing the city lighting. So in photoshop I used Adjustments> Black & White option. By sliding the pointers at the desired location (60/40/60/40/20/80) % the picture was made B&W. The ‘Tint’ option at the bottom of the window was checked and the hue was adjusted at 180 degrees and saturation at 20%. This gave a slight cyan tint to the photograph. Now the contrast was set to linear contrast from the Curves preset. The tint added in the picture increased its noise so Reduce Noise option was used under the ‘Advanced’ option at strength ‘9’. The Remove JPEG Artifact option was checked and the ‘Per Channel’ strength for green and blue were also set to ‘5’ preserving details up to 70%.

Qlikd on: 28th March 2009
Qlikd with: Canon S5IS
Photoshopped: Yes

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