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Pile Of Bricks

Pile Of Bricks

This is an old construction standing in the Boston downtown. This unpainted maroon building with grey color cement patch work grabbed my attention for its antique look. It resembled a lot like a set made for shooting movie scenes. It looked as if some windows were placed in the pile of bricks to give it a look of a building. The jet black staircase running from one floor to another appeared exactly how we change levels in a video game. This construction has its own uniqueness.

The picture is taken in the Auto mode in neutral lights. In photoshop levels options is used at 28 for shadows, 0.65 for midtones and at 255 for highlights to increase the tonal quality of the picture. Unsharp Mask is used at 100/8/5 to make the bricks prominent by enhanced effect of cement joins in the bricks. Hue/ Saturation option is used at -8/+8 to get the proper blend of colors.

Qlikd on: 4th July 2009
Qlikd with: Canon S5IS
Photoshopped: Yes

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