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Stripes of Light!!

Stripes of Light!!

Correct amount of light and of course from the right direction can be the best fit for portrait photography. I loved the slant direction of the stripes of light passing from the gaps on the window blinds and falling on the face. It illuminated the left half of the face keeping the right portion in dark. It is also important in Portrait photography that the subject looks directly into the camera to create a connection with the viewers. So, I asked my subject to look straight into the camera. Thanks to Kalyan for being my model! :)

The photograph is qlikd in the Portrait mode available in Canon S5IS camera. I have used the Macro mode to get the close-up. This made the light and dark stripes of light prominent on the face. The picture is taken in the natural morning light. In photoshop I have removed some distractions in the background using separate layers. The picture is improved for its tonal quality using the Curves preset Medium Contrast option. The Unsharp Mask option is also used for Amount at 25%, Radius at 20 pixels and Threshold at 8 levels to make the hair prominent.

Qlikd on: 24th April 2009
Qlikd with: Canon S5IS
Photoshopped: Yes

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