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After seeing this photograph I realized why didn’t I get the idea of qliking a telephone set or a mobile handset till now. It looks awesome! Actually I got this picture while I was making some settings changes in my camera. I found this handset lying on my table and looking at the buttons shine in the light which came from the window, I thought of using the Macro and Super Macro modes to capture them. The close-up shooting of small items are done using these modes. The Super Macro mode allows even closer shooting of the subjects than the Macro mode by magnifying the subject further. Physically the camera needs to be moved close to the object to get the magnified image as the zoom option doesn’t work in this mode. So, be careful while working with the Super Macro mode or you may damage your camera lens ;)

This photograph is qlikd in the Super Macro mode in neutral lights. Though the half portion of the phone is exposed well, the total brightness of the picture was less as it was shot in the evening time. I used the Brightness/ Contrast option in the photoshop to increase the brightness to +40. In the next step I added green color only to the shadows using Color Balance option at 50. Since this option colors even the tiniest of shadows, even the red speaker button got a tint of green. For this button to get its original properties, the History Brush Tool was used that recreates the specified source data. Finally the Unsharp Mask option is used at 90%, 20 Pixels and 5 levels to highlight the details of the photograph.

Qlikd on: 13th April 2009
Qlikd with: Canon S5IS
Photoshopped: Yes

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